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About Us

We have been writing and delivering training programs since 1998 which means that we have seen a lot of change in this industry.  It use to be common to deliver a full day (or even multiple day ) classroom sessions, that came with a large training manual for your students and a larger instructor guide for the teacher to prepare the class.    

Through decades we have watched the industry evolve from those stodgy traditional classroom settings to blended learning solutions that include eLearning and video solutions that keep that original message the same for future employees or customers. 


Longer sessions have been traded for "micro learning" components, that can be absorbed (and retained) between tasks and deadlines at work.  It is a rare client in the last five years that wants to pull all affected employees away from their desk, into costly sessions in a classroom.

Accredentials is a boutique of highly sought after instructional designers that have a proven track record at delivering end to end training solutions for small and large clients alike.  Most of our contracts have been in the technical training realm, such as developing training for new computer software, or upgrading existing software. This creates a myriad of tasks from updating documentation from the old process to the new, and training customers and staff how the new process works, and how to do their jobs differently with new tools.


We have also done soft skills training such as sales training, customer service and and time management.  Our portfolio includes large Oil and Gas clients, financial institutions, education, law, large retailers and regulatory, eCommerce as well as various small businesses.  Heck, we have even written and delivered some cooking classes.

Our commitment to our clients is to design and deliver the agreed upon requirements to your satisfaction and to assign the right person to the right role.  That way, we can offer value pricing for you, instead of asking a senior consultant to do a junior consultants job.  The right person in the right role.  That way, everyone wins.

Free Consultation



Let's discuss your training project.  

Some of the key information I will need is:

- Whether we are updating an existing training program or a new program.

- If this is an existing program, how is it being trained currently.

- If this is a brand new training program, do you need assistance with creating content.

Contact us today, and lets get a plan that works for your company within your budget.


Mike Helm
I have always found Carrie to be an outstanding individual, who brings such positive energy and insight to any team or project she's worked with. During our time together, I found her to be organized, adaptable, enthusiastic, has an exceptional work ethic, and is a true team player. Without any reservation, I would recommend her for any position she pursues.

December 16, 2014, Mike managed Carrie at Nexen Inc.


Lorraine Fuchs
Carrie is a generous, highly intelligent, organized, trainer, mentor. All this sprinkled with enthusiasm, humour and grace. She is a hardworking persistent individual with the qualities of a great manager. I would recommend her for any position that she might pursue as there is no stopping her when she believes in her goal.

July 19, 2013, Lorraine worked directly with Carrie at Yellow Pages Group / Groupe Pages Jaunes – Canada