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We accept training projects at any stage of development.  If your training program is written and planned and only requires execution, we can help!


If your training program requires a complete end to end plan with execution, we can also help.

Our clients range from small solopreneurs who run workshops, to oil and gas energy companies that run global enterprises.    

We employ local, tenured technical writers and instructional designers that are well versed in methodologies such as ADDIE and SAM models, so we can slip in seamlessly with your current training methodology. 

Our projects are across many industries and categories.  We have created leadership, sales training, process changes, holistic programs and many software and hardware projects.   We have worked on software projects in ITIL and Agile projects.

At a high level, these are the major milestones when creating and executing end to end training projects.


This assessment helps determine the current state of the training program, the desired future state of your organization after implementing training, and the learning content required to get you there.  At this stage, we also discuss the personas in your organization that will be trained, and where they are located, and any accessibility issues (working in a field location, versus the office, mobile versus desktop, languages (translations), sight or hearing impairments.



In this phase, we update or create all the written content.  This content includes processes, steps, videos, voiceover scripts and storyboards for the clients approval.  Once the messaging is approved, we build all the documents, slide decks, video, responsive, eLearning, voiceover, classroom training, knowledge articles and help desk scripts and learning management system and learning portal.  If required, we are partnered with graphic designers, translation services, videographers, web designers, branding specialists, social media, IT resources and more..



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During the assessment phase, the success measurements were determined for the training program. 

  • How are things progressing? 

  • Are any adjustments required to our content? 

  • Have surveys and feedback from your learners been favorable? 

  • Are tasks and behaviors taught through the training being adopted? 


Let us help you determine whether the return on investment was realized from your program

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