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Whether you have children or not, September reminds us all of ‘back -to-school’ and therefore back to business. The distraction of kids being out for the summer and summer weather, even if it felt like 4 days in Calgary this year, has an effect on everyone’s mindset. So now that those lazy summer days are over and it’s time to kick everything into high gear for a busy fall and winter season, how do you get your team back into focus? One of the corporate challenges we see repeatedly is trying to constantly ‘keep it fresh’. In order to add more to a person’s plate, you might first need to review the foundation, so they feel stable enough to take more on.

Did you know that regardless of the league played in, football practices repeat the most basic drills every single time? This supports what so many corporate trainers have said, “If you want to perfect something, do the same 6 things 10,000 times not 10,000 things 6 times”.

Getting those reps in doesn’t just mean going through the motions, however. Perfect consistency in the delivery of the message is required as well. During live trainings messages get lost, people fade in and out without the ability to go back and review and there is a lack again, of consistency in the delivery. Not to mention a repetitive cost that is involved; space needed for the training, hiring the trainer for prep time and each training, refreshments, pens, the list goes on!

With the technology we have available today, we can literally deliver the exact same message to anyone with a stable internet connection. Our clients have found the corporate training videos we produce for them save them time and money, year after year.

Their team’s competency levels continue to rise while productivity increases, which in the end means happier staff and a healthy bottom line.

What’s to stop you from making your own training videos?

Nothing at all! Even though we have all the information, putting it down on ‘paper’ in such a way a new employee might need to hear the information and just finding the time to get it done, are our clients’ biggest hurdles.

We all know we need to stick to what we’re best at and outsource the rest. So, have you asked yourself or that stressed out business owner you know why they haven’t taken that next step to automate their training?

We’re just a click away if you have any questions about our creation process for corporate training videos or any other questions you may have!

We look forward to hearing your comments about this blog!

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