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Talent LMS is now up and running

Today is an exciting day.

As a contract training professional for two decades, I have rarely had the opportunity to have the keys to a LMS at a company I worked for.

I am usually on the development side, building eLearning or video, and the LMS administrators are in charge of uploading the content.

Nobody has really given me the keys to the LMS, except one oil and gas company who used Saba.

Today, I now have my own LMS, which has given me the ability to upload some of my proprietary content.

I have also created a folder that hosts my portfolio, so that I have a professional way to share my work with potential clients.

Why did I chose Talent LMS over the many solutions out there? The reason why is because it integrates well with Shopify, which is my ecommerce platform of choice.

Also, I love how simple it is to add and assign courses, and how ti tracks points and gamification.

Last, I am happy with the price point. It is not the least expensive tool on the market, but I am happy with the value for the price.

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