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Happy Holidays to You and Yours

I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone who sees this message the best of the holiday season.

2023 had his challenges, but overall for Accredentials it has been an amazing, transformative year.

I am full of gratitude for the experiences I have had creating learning, training manuals, multi-media and eLearning in the roles I took on, as well as the learning I have experienced in the last year.

My focus on learning has been understanding the impact in my field as it relates to AI. And honestly 2023 has transformed how I do creative work. Love AI or hate AI, we need to co-exist. I feel that the best strategy for me is to find out how to use these tools to optimize my processes and to speed up training delivery.

I took Philippa Hardman's program, the AI-Powered Learning Science Bootcamp, which truly opened my eyes to the power of AI in the learning field. If anyone is reading this who develops training programs, this course was amazing.

I also took in the The Design+ AI Summit 2023 to learn how tools that I use for content creation have implemented AI. Again, just more knowledge on how tools that I use for creating digital assets for training now have AI, and how to leverage them. This includes the Adobe Suite, Microsoft 365 and other tools.

Both of these investments in learning have paid off in how I approach and complete work as a learning and digital consultant.

I want to wish you and yours, the happiest of the holiday season with an abundance of health, fun and community.


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