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Working on Database Administration Certificate at University of Calgary

Even though I have been working in the information technology field since 1998, I have primarily had roles in on the "soft side" of IT, such as business analyst, training, instructional design. Even though there were technical tasks in every role, I am aware that in tough economic times like these, more technical skills go a farther way in landing contract roles.

In light of that, I have always enjoyed data. Excel is my favorite app, I have been to seminars on Spotfire at Cadeon where I watched in AWE what these programs can do to help companies "show" what is in their data. Also, I took a hyper interest in SQL Server when I was working in software implementations earlier in my career.

As a BA, many roles have me producing reports which is a task that I enjoy. I am addicted to my own Google Analytics on my websites. Therefore, beefing up my database skills sounds like a logical route to take.

This fall, I registerd in not one.... but TWO database courses at the University of Calgary. Mondays and Wednesdays have been filled with SQL Server queries, joins, complex queries and database building in SQL Server 2013. Both courses completed at the end of November, so I am pretty excited to revisit T-SQL and beef up my knowledge and experience.

I am already registered in the data administration course for January. I am hoping that these beefed up skills will lead me to more exciting contracto work in 2016.

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