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Instructional Design Portfolio: Safety Moment Fall Leaves

As an instructional designer, it is always a good idea to have a living breathing portfolio. It is hard to showcase works that were done for your clients, as they do not often want their internal documents published publicly. In order to help show some of my video work, I decided to create and publish safety moments. I have a playlist on my YouTube channel if you wish to subscribe,and borrow those safety moments when you need them.

This video is a corporate safety moment I created on the unseen dangers of autumn. Feel free to embed this Safety Moment in a presentation, or play directly from YouTube if you wish to use it.

Here is the transcript:

As we transition into the fall season, we're greeted with the beauty of changing leaves and cooler temperatures. But today, I'd like to shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of this season: the process of decomposition and its hidden dangers. Let's start with Mold and Allergens. As leaves decay, they can exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies. Also, there is the issue of Wildlife Attraction. Decomposing leaves and fruits can attract insects and even larger animals, which can lead to unexpected encounters or infestation. There are also Structural Dangers. As leaves and other organic materials gather in gutters and drains, they can cause blockages or damage. In light of this, here are some tips for staying safe: The first tip is to perform regular cleanup of leaves. Make it a habit to clear leaves from your yard, driveway, and gutters. Next, ensure you stay informed. If you have allergies, keep an eye on mold and pollen counts, and take necessary precautions. And the final tip, be cautious when you are working in your yard or garden. Wear gloves, and be aware that wildlife might be attracted to decomposing organic matter. In wrapping up, let's remember that every season has its unique challenges. By being proactive and informed, we can enjoy the beauty of fall while ensuring our safety and well-being.


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