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Catchy little splash video I did for a Wildfire Software Application as an Instructional Designer Portfolio piece

This video was posted on LinkedIn In June 2023. I love writing courses, but it is a nice change, and a different muscle from instructional design to come up with these short snappy informational videos. I hope you enjoy!

LinkedIn post is below.

I worked at H2Safety during COVID for a little over a year and I loved the people, the content I was working with and how their solutions were making a difference in the safety of others.

As an instructional designer at this firm, I was back to writing long form safety manuals, which I haven't done in a few years. I was primarily developing eLearning and video content for the sales and support of their software products. I have a door open for consulting with them, and hope I have the pleasure of creating more content for them should they ever need my help again. This piece they published on their LinkedIn page to the public, so I wanted to additionally showcase it here as an Instructional Design portfolio piece for video editing.


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